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Compass Prep Academy has been accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) since 2009 and is a Georgia HOPE eligible private high school.  Our Directed Studies Program provides a Fully Accredited high school transcript for students who do not attend classes on-site.  We provide a consulting and evaluation service designed to assist students in mapping out a high school plan of study to help ensure that all necessary high school course requirements are met for a Georgia accredited high school diploma, successful college admissions and HOPE Scholarship eligibility

  • Initial planning/consultation meeting
  • Yearly guidance counseling for courses and curriculum
  • Dual enrollment assistance for qualifying high school students
  • College application assistance
  • Guidance for HOPE required “Rigor” courses
  • HOPE eligibility 1st semester of freshman year of college, when additional academic qualifications are met.  (Home school students who do not graduate under an accredited program must complete 30 hours of college credit before becoming HOPE eligible).  
  • Compass Prep Academy diploma
  • Cap & Gown and participation in Compass Prep Academy Graduation ceremony (optional)
  • Official transcripts mailed to college admissions offices
  • Record keeping for a minimum of 7 years after graduation
Please note: Students must be enrolled for one year before previous coursework will be accredited.

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